Creative Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs – How to Use Brand Signage to Attract New Customers to Your Store

Retail Restaurant Indoor Signs

When it comes to retail and restaurant indoor signs, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. If your retail or restaurant establishment has a lot of windows, then an indoor sign could be what is needed. These signs are particularly effective if your retail or restaurant has many different entrance and exit points. There are numerous advantages to choosing indoor signs, such as they are more noticeable, give the business extra character, can be customized and usually take up much less space than their outdoor counterparts. However, when choosing which indoor sign you want to use, there are a few things to consider. You want your indoor retail signage to attract as many customers as possible.


These signs are often used for drawing customers into a store or restaurant. With this in mind, they are also extremely useful for drawing people in and out of various restaurants, coffee shops and other retail venues. Another great way of utilizing these kinds of Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signage is through enhancing already existing signage.


This includes banners and inter-line textured graphics. For example, if you own a fast food restaurant with mostly black tiles and gray floors, then using a vertical banner along with inter-line graphics will be incredibly effective in drawing the eyes of passing customers. In order to draw in more customers, you could also add other graphics, like a menu to emphasize the quality and nutritional value of your products, which would be a great selling point for your retail & restaurant indoor signs.


When it comes to indoor retail & restaurant signage, the most common use of these signs is as an extension of the actual store. For example, if you are opening a new fast food restaurant, then you will most likely want to incorporate your store’s name into your Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs. One great way to do this is to use business logos. Some of the more popular store logos that have proven to be effective include KFC, McDonald’s, and Walmart.


Creating a cohesive signage collection doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are several online office building and retail store design resources that can help you make this process easy. When browsing through the catalogs offered by these online sources, it is important to pay special attention to the retail & restaurant indoor sign elements. Oftentimes, these catalogs will include several templates that you can use for free. Once you’ve decided on a template and selected a few different colors that you like, take your time in browsing the photos of each sign in order to find the one that is perfect for your individual needs.


It may seem like common sense, but there is nothing more effective at enticing customers than large, attractive banners. Even if you do not have a large advertising budget, you can still create large banners that can be used to help you advertise your business. Once you’ve created a banner, it is important to place it in the proper location. If you only have a window space available, then you should place the banner on the opposite side of the door. Hopefully, this will help you to entice new customers to walk through the door.